Experience + Credits

CREATIVE VIDEO EDITOR WITH STRONG TECHNICAL POST-PRODUCTION SKILLS: As a video editor, demonstrated creative combination of sound, music, and image. Strong sense of rhythm for cutting and storytelling. Advanced use of different software to achieve faster results. Example: FFmpeg, Davinci, Reaper + Audio Auto Trim + EDLs.


SOUND DESIGNER WITH ADVANCED SOUND EDITING AND MIXING SKILLS: Great at enhancing the sonic aspect of the project (dialog, music, sound design, final mix). Sound mixing, dialog recording, editing, sound design, music editing, surround, multi-channel audio configurations, sound post-production, voice-over casting, talent union, scheduling, and bookings.

VIX / UNIVISION: Since 2021, editor for promos and trailers.


FOX / FX: 150+ on-air promos, special trailers, and international channels as creative sound designer, music editor, and re-recording mixer. Worked directly with producers and creative teams.


SESAME STREET: 195 episodes (3 seasons) as creative sound designer, music editor, and re-recording mixer. Workflow and sonic style designer. Created and led a dedicated sound team. Responsible for final QC and audio delivery.


DISNEY CHANNEL: 480 live episodes (2 seasons) Latin America TV show “Zapping Zone”. Played music and sound effects live and in real time based on unscripted situations in a fast-paced live show. Also post-production sound designer and re-recording mixer. Worked as picture editor: creative editor for a variety of segments in a fast-paced workflow for a daily Latin American TV show.


DISCOVERY CHANNEL: On-air promos and shows. Starting with dialog and picture only, responsible for creating full sonic storytelling, delivering 2.0 and 5.1 mixes following network specs.


SHAKIRA: “Live & Off the Record” tour DVD global edition. Sound editor, re-recording mixer. Assisted picture editor by mixing and editing sound on the AVID Media Composer timeline. Also served as second picture editor: created an unscripted documentary, working directly with the director and producer. A/V creative editor responsible for producing a documentary from unscripted raw material. The documentary was included in the globally released DVD.


COMMERCIALS / ADVERTISING: Broadcast, digital, and radio campaigns: CHEVROLET, T-MOBILE, METRO, MILLER, TOYOTA, PROCTER & GAMBLE, SONY, KAISER PERMANENTE, GATORADE, and more. Some agencies: PUBLICIS, SAATCHI & SAATCHI, GREY, AXIS, CONILL, CASANOVA, and more. Full sound post-production, from directing voice-over talents to final delivery. Recording, dialog editing, sound design, final mix, and delivery. Worked directly with clients, advertising agencies, producers, creative, and production departments. Coordinated union talents, agents, and traffic companies. Also served as post-production supervisor and lead editor. FX artist, performing titles, rotoscoping, cleanups, and finishing. Online compositing and final delivery.


DIRECTV: Trailer and TV show editor: creative sound designer, music editor, and re-recording mixer working directly with producers and creative teams. Also, created a new teaser/trailer version for a previously canceled project, which led to the successful approval and launch of the show.


MTV: A/V producer responsible for creating and editing projects from unscripted material. Creative editor for MTV Music Awards, various TV shows, and special segments. On-air promos and segments editor. Creative sound designer, music editor, and re-recording mixer working directly with producers and creative teams.


SHORT AND LONG FORMAT FILMS: Worked directly with directors and producers. Responsible for dialog editing/cleaning, ADR, Foley, and sound design. Re-recording surround mixer, sound supervisor, and final QC.


TV SHOWS CREATOR, FORMAT DESIGNER, AND DIRECTOR: TV show “CR”: TV show pilot that became a very successful TV show aired in Argentina and Spain for several seasons. TV show “Dr. Daniel”: 13 episodes aired on Univision TV Los Angeles. Show developer, director, post-production coordinator, and lead editor.


TV SHOWS EDITOR: 1998 to 2005 (7 years). Big Brother / TRIP / El Rayo / CQC / .DOC. Permanent editor staff in a variety of TV shows and formats: reality, documentary, comedy, entertainment, family. Very fast turnaround and under-pressure workflows.


Expertise in audio editing, sound design, and mix. Stereo, 5.1, 7.1. Tons of deliveries for broadcast, radio, digital, and online platforms. Voice-over casting director and voice-over talent agent access. Radio producer with years of experience from script to final delivery.

VIDEO: DaVinci Resolve / Avid Media Composer / Adobe Premiere / Adobe After Effects / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Encoder / Final Cut / Frame.io / FFmpeg / Encoders


AUDIO: Avid Pro Tools / Izotope RX / Reaper / Audition / Soundminer / LKFS Meters / Automation / Avid Mixing Surfaces / ISDN / Source Connect / EQs / Dynamics / Reverbs / Plugins: Waves / Nugen / Universal Audio / FabFilter / Dolby


SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Creating and coding several applications to improve production and post-production workflows.


OTHERS: Google Tools (Sheets, Docs, etc.) / Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc.) / Database developer in FileMaker / Software developer in Xojo / QuickBooks / Quicken / FTP / WordPress / Keynote / macOS / PC

Editing Image + Sound

Sound Design + Final Mix

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