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In a period of 2 years, we fully post-produced 326 National TV commercials. 95% of those where unscripted. Each commercial has an average of 3 hours of unscripted material shot from 5 different angles. That is 15 hours of media each spot.

We designed the post-production work-flow, Edit, Colorize, Record & Mix, Cleanup & Online Finished each spot for CHEVROLET. Agencies: Casanova and Commonwealth // McCann.

DVD shot during the global Shakira Tour of the Mongoose. Documentary edited by Pablo Barbieri and Javier Cortes. Sound Design and Mix by Javier Cortes. Produced for Sony Music

Elvis Costello released a Spanish Adaptation of his amazing 'This Year's Model'. CORTES CORTES Created and post-produced a Trailer to support the launch of his new adventure.

adapt re edit color sound design

recording editing

color correction vfx screen on phones

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